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BAND Together for Wilson
Ascot Hills Park Green Team Kickoff
Farmdale Elementary
Easter Egg Hunt at El Sereno Park

BAND Together for Wilson

For many years the Band Department at Woodrow Wilson High School has had to operate on an EXTREMELY limited budget. As a result, a majority of the instruments in Wilson’s inventory are very old (see photos), permanently damaged or are in desperate need of major repair. Wilson’s current band uniforms were purchased back in the 90’s, thus most are faded, tattered and torn.

Please join fellow Wilson alumni to help re-equip Wilson’s band so it can return to the performance level of its once illustrious, award winning reputation. Our plan is simple. We are asking each individual Wilson alumni class from the 60’s to present, to commit to “gift” just ONE uniform ($300.00) and/or ONE of the instruments (see list below) which are prioitized according to need by Band Director Brian Hollett. In recognition of the high cost of several of the instruments, some alumni classes may want to partner with another class in an effort to acquire the instrument they select. Each individual class will organize how they will go about raising the funds necessary for both the instrument and uniform. ALL alumni and friends can keep up with everyone’s progress via this page and perhaps support some of the class fundraising events that will eventually develop.

If you want to make a donation, your check will need to be made payable to your specific class representative (For complete list please email: julio@ourtownelsereno.com). Our goal is to have the donated instruments in hand by the end of August 2011. The $300.00 for the uniforms is needed by the end of June 2011.

An effort is currently under way to create an official alumni association for Wilson whereby projects such as this could be handled in a more efficient manner. In the interim, on behalf of the students of Wilson High School,we hope to have your full support.

Ascot Hills Park Green Team Kickoff

Here is a chance to do something good for the environment and learn about our local native plants and animals. The Ascot Hills Park Green Team led by Jerry Schneider, an expert in the field of botany, will hold an introductory kickoff meeting and hike in Ascot Hills Park on Saturday, April 23rd, starting at 9am. The Green Team will meet in the park on a once-a-month basis and will be doing projects to preserve, enhance and restore the native plants and wildlife in the park.

Upcoming Events
Saturday, April 23, 2011
9:00 am – Noon
Meet at the new amphitheater
Ascot Hills Park - 4371 Multnomah St, El Sereno, CA 90032

California Native Lupine

Farmdale Elementary

LAUSD sent out RIF (Reduction in Force) notices to 6 Farmdale Elementary School teachers along with 23 Wilson High School teachers in March 2011. There are other district schools in El Sereno that are also affected, growing a big number of cuts for El Sereno. Less teachers, increased classroom sizes and reduction in school services such as school nurse, psychologist, and counselor can mean only one thing, a huge disruption of academic growth for our students. Farmdale Elementary school administration held a community meeting on Thursday March 24th in the school’s auditorium where principal, Ms. Teresita Saracho De Palma and her administration explained how the proposed lay offs will directly affect programs at Farmdale such as Dual Language and their process in becoming an accredited International Baccalaureate World School, which is already in it’s second year. Most schools become certified in 3 years so this is a critical time for Farmdale. The administration encouraged ways to work together and stop the budget cuts. Speeches were given by concerned 4th graders. Farmdale teacher Mr. Von also spoke and the PTA vice president shared her letter in progress.

Currently in circulation at the school is a Support Famdale Instructional Programs Petition. Parents and any adults over age 18 are encouraged to sign it. There is also an email and letter campaign you can participate in. Write to local school board members and state officials and let them know you do not agree. Sample letters are available. Visit the school’s office for more info. Check in with your local student’s school to see how they are affected by the latest RIF notices and take action in finding an acceptable solution for your school. More information on how to support and protect our schools and teachers go to www.utla.net .

More information on how to support and protect our schools and teachers go to www.utla.net.

Easter Egg Hunt a t El Sereno Park

El Sereno Recreation Center invites you and your family to their Spring Holiday Program on Saturday, April 16th. Activities include cookie decorating, build your own egg basket, and of course...Egg Hunt!

Prizes will be awarded to whoever finds a Gold or Silver ticket.
Egg Hunt Schedule:
3 to 4 year olds @10am
5 to 6 year olds @11am
7 to 8 year olds @12pm
9 to 10 year olds @1pm

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