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Although we don’t think about it much, economics affects our neighborhoods every day. Economics affects the way we see our society and the limited resources that are available. Every day we search for change and improvement. Many residents in our small town of El Sereno have been waiting for an answer to the loss of interest that has turned our town into a concern. Thankfully there is good news, a committee of stakeholders and resident business owners have come together to re-create a small town that has been neglected into an oasis of change. The committee has many visions for the small town of El Sereno, we have met several times since November of last year to come up with a plan to bring new life and interest back into the hearts of all El Sereno residents. Visitors of our small town will see the concept that we have envisioned and in time will learn to appreciate the beauty that has been covered for many years. Our plan as a committee, along with two wonderful project design managers Steve and Ryan, have come together to create a monumental change to El Sereno.

Thanks to funding through Councilmember Huizar, we will be able to begin a project that will hopefully flourish into a wave of new street plazas, a lineup of manageable trees along the sidewalks, street murals, bike lanes with additional bike parking clusters and possibly more seating for the elderly. Along with beautiful artwork to enjoy along the proposed borders of Monterey Pass Road all the way to Maycrest Avenue. The neighborhood is in need of a little TLC and we as a committee are looking forward to providing a new canvas for all to see and enjoy. We are looking forward to keeping the tradition of El Sereno alive by providing a new bulletin board strategically placed somewhere along Huntington Drive to keep the residents informed of all upcoming events. We would like to keep our local businesses patronized and enjoy all that El Sereno has to offer. On March 19th, the committee walked along Huntington Dr. and we discussed all possible changes to every street corner to utilize every square foot to provide the best experience for all who live in our small town and to those who will visit. With all of that said we hope that the physical and practical changes we as a committee have considered will suit all of your needs. Our hope is that in the near future you can walk down our small street of Huntington Drive and feel the passion we all have for bringing a community closer together and bring new life to a small town that has an amazing story.

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