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Lady Mules Hoops / Q&A with Coach Joey Faraon


What is the most gratifying memory of this past season?
For me the most gratifying moment was after we were eliminated, as strange as that seems. The things they say about each other, or how myself or the program has impacted their lives is truly priceless. It’s the reason we as coaches do what we do.

Who is going to step up next year on your squad and who should we keep an eye out for?
2011 Northern league co-MVP Natalie Vasquez (shared with Danielle Martinez) was a force to be reckoned with this year, and with her work ethic we expect big things from her next year. Keep your eye out for Sophomore point guard Jackie Macias who was ready to start working out when the final buzzer sounded in our playoff elimination.

Basketball is a team game, so how do you prepare your girls going into a game? You had a few seniors on your team, how have they impacted your program?
Leading up to game day its all preparation. Game films & walk through. Depending on home or away its usually a team meal, one more walk through, and stretches. The girls usually get together 10 minutes before there game and say what they need to say to each other (each player speaks). I’m not there for that, I give them their space. Right after that Danielle comes to get me and one of the players leads us in a team prayer. A few motivational words from me, and its off to work. Last: For the last 4 years Danielle Martinez & I have a special hand shake we do before she takes the court. Every single game for 4 years. Going to miss that.

Wilson girls basketball was moved up to D-1 recently, are you up to the challenge?
This was our 3rd year in D-1, and to be honest Wilson has always been a Division 2 school. The seeding system makes no sense now. We refuse to make a big fuss about it, and we are willing to play anyone.

How has the support of the students, parents, and community been?
It's been AMAZING! I’ve yet to see a fan base for city section girls basketball quite like ours. 350+ is unheard of for girls hoops in this area. We can always feel the buzz on campus come Wednesday and Fridays. We talk about that all the time. I make sure they know that it’s all their hard work and effort that has created this atmosphere. Our Lady Mules Hoops fan page (facebook) and "Our Town El Sereno" have been great in spreading the buzz around town, It’s a great feeling to get support from people that don’t even know my girls, but everyone remembers us when we leave.

What would you like people to know about your team that otherwise they might not know?
Before and after every practice/game we break and yell "TOGETHER". Something people don’t know is that we live that word. It’s not a team, but a family that is born well before the season starts. While other families spend their summers on beaches and parks, we commit to spend ours in the weight room, on the track, or at the top of Ascot Hills, together. Team meetings, team lunches, team BBQ’s, together. I think this is why we get such a great effort from game to game. Everyone in our locker room can look each other in the eye and know that the person across the way is willing to go that extra mile for you.

2011 Team Facts
Team: Varsity 10-11
Coach: Joey Faraon
Overall: 15-7-0
League: 10-0-0
National Rank: 5912
State (CA) Rank: 418

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