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     Community Dance Studio
The Only Dance Studio in El Sereno Opens It’s Doors to the Community

Thanks to FUSION Performing Dance Academy (FPDA), a non-profit (501(c)3) organization, El Sereno now has the opportunity to continue practicing the moves they see on the big screen and television. Albertossy Espinoza, Executive/Artistic Director and Founder of FPDA, brings his passion for dance to students of all ages and skill levels. Since March 3, 2008, FPDA has been developing the talent that the community has to offer.
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4400 S. Huntington Drive,
Los Angeles, CA 9 0032
(323) 342-9179



List of Classes
Espinoza had previously offered his program at a very subsidized price at a local center, however his program was sadly cut after the grant used for his program was lost. The community was shocked and petitions were created and visits to the council office were made. Unfortunately, nothing could be done and the children and adults of El Sereno lost their dance and fitness classes.

Espinoza’s goal was to stay in the community that he embraced as his own. After searching for a month and a half, he found a new home for FPDA. With the help of some students from his adult classes that are members of the community, Espinoza once again opens his doors to El Sereno and the community at large. "I missed all of my students, it was devastating saying good bye to the children and adults that became members of the Fusion family" states Espinoza. "Although we still need mirrors and ballet barres, I couldn’t wait anymore to see my students, so classes are in session" continued Espinoza.

The new and only dance studio of El Sereno is located at 4400 S. Huntington Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90032 at the intersection of South Huntington Drive and Fern Place. Espinoza, a professional actor, dancer and choreographer with 20 years of experience, of fers dance classes at an extremely affordable rate. The program includes an array of classes including Ballet Fusion, Modern, Pre-Dance and Hip Hop Fusion f or students ages three to sixteen.

In addition, adults can enjoy a fun way to increase stamina, lose weight, and build confidence in th e academy’s most popular classes, Latin Rhythm Cardio and Cardio Boot Camp . The Body & Mind class is designed to enhance vitality and a sense of well being through yoga and s tretching training that enables participants to gain improved flexibility, balance, a strong core, and ultimately, relaxation of bod y and mind. Espinoza teaches all classes in English and Spanish.

Espinoza’s commitment to the community is to promote character development, self-confidence, and lea dership for all students. Raised in a low-income household, he has acquired a great understanding, appreciation and talent for creative expression throughout his career as an actor, dancer and choreographer.

Now he is giving back, and enjoying the journey. So strong is his commitment that in the two and a h alf years he was at the center, he helped two El Sereno members become fitness instructors, and hired them to teach for his organization. He also invited tw o members of the community to join the Board of Directors of FUSION Performing Dance Academy. "I am here to help put El Sereno on the map. With my professiona l dance company in residence at the studio, the name of this community will go all over the states and the world" adds Espinoza.

Fusion cordially relies heavily on charitable donations and/or sponsorship. They are currently seeki ng donations for the completion of the dance studio. Please visit our website for more information, www.fpdacademy.org or call them at (323) 342-9179. Donation s are tax deductible, and they will help put a smile on the face of a child taking his/her first dance class.

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