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     Dining Review
Dining with Anthony and Deidre

It is time to clean your plate and prepare it for fresh finds of spring flavors as we find ourselves in the third month of the year, March. We are grateful to have shared with you the February reviews of Mike & Anne’s and Antigua Bread. We hope you prepare your pl ate and head on down to this month’s review locations; El Vaquero Restaurant and Raffi’s Place.

El Vaquero
Our second honorable mention this month is El Vaquero , found in the heart of El Sereno and located at 4884 1/2 Huntingon Drive. The restaurant’s name was inspired by a popular restaurant in Mexico. Owner, Malaquias Vasquez, wanted the same success and familiarity of the name from the famous restaurant in Mexico and first opened a restaurant in Alhambra. That location opened in 2001, and is known more as a “to go” spot. He opened the second El Vaquero as a family style sit-down eatery in 2003. Growing up in the restaurant business in Guadalajara, Malaquias learned to take pride in offering good customer service by using the, “ mi casa es tu casa,” motto. The atmosphere is vibrant and relaxing as if you were home with family. Excelling with authenticity of everyday flavors from his childhood recipes, Malaquias has captured our tastebuds. Anthony loves the Chicken Taquitos combo plate, served with rice and beans, as well as their Cocido . Deidre likes eating their Pozole when it’s cold out. We both agree that their Enchiladas (chicken and cheese) with rice and beans truly captured our taste buds. With affordable family style combo prices, you can’t go wrong with El Vaquero.

4884 1/2 Huntingon Drive
(323) 441-8536

Raffi's Place
Humble owners, the Bakijanians (Rafik, his wife Gohar, and their sons, Armond and Raymond) first began with a small sandwich shop. Today, the little eatery has grown into the well known and loved fine restaurant that offers a delicious gourmet Persian cuisine. The atmosphere has an airy coastal feel of which is implemented through the wonderful murals on the walls in the restaurant. Anyone can enjoy looking up at the beautiful clear night sky while dining in the outdoor area of the restaurant. Choosing one dish can be difficult because of the array of great selections to choose from. The hustle and bustle of the day seemed to disappear as we savored each flavor of the dishes. The employees were vibrant, helpful, and friendly. On our first visit, one of the gracious waitresses, Lia, was very informative and friendly; she introduced us to what are now some of our favorite dishes at Raffi’s. One of them is the Soltani Kabob dish - a behemoth of flavorable and juicy skewered charbroiled filet mignon with molded ground beef with grilled tomatoes and bell peppers, served on light fluffy saffron flavored basmati rice. We really love the appetizers too, including their hummus, yogurt and cucumber, and yogurt, moussir (shallots), and eggplant. We also love their spumoni and baklava , a sweet honey masterpiece.

211 East Broadway,
east of the Americana and Glendale Galleria
(818) 240-7411

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