Community Music Fest a Hit at Mazatlan Theater


If you were an attendee of the short lived El Sereno Farmer's Market on Maycrest Avenue in 2010, there's a good chance you've already seen the band Live Transmission. And I'm sure, like me, you became a fan of them instantly. The rock cover band, made up of three boys from El Sereno, attend Arroyo Seco Museum Science Magnet in Highland Park & Renaissance Art Academy in Eagle Rock. Izaac (age 9, plays bass and vocals), Carlo (age 11, plays guitar and vocals) and Xion (age 11, plays drums) are related to the owner of the Mazatlan T heater on Eastern Avenue.

Since the 1970's the theater's interior has been transformed into a rental hall that is available to the public. It includes a full stage, bathroom and kitchen facilities. Like most local businesses coming into the postrecession era, the Mazatlan struggles to stay alive. Live Transmission came up with the idea to have a fundraiser in the form of a music festival to draw attention to the Mazatlan's availability to the community. A “ call for band submissions ” was posted on Facebook and within a few weeks a full night of music was booked up.

Live Transmission, I Regret Nothing, Decision Incision, We The People, Coastline Apparition, Xochipilli, The Joysticks and L.A. music industry veterans, MX Machine, started drawing in the crowds as early as 7pm for this all ages event. The lineup of bands was diverse in music styles but equally good in skill and talent; an unbelievable deal for $5. The sound stage was also preset with amplifiers so that very little time was spent in between acts loading in and out the extra sound gear.

Live Transmission decorated the hall's walls with posters and showcased art installations including giant Day of the Dead Paper Mache pieces. The stage beamed with disco lights and a photo shoot area was set up and available for attendees to expose their favorite poses. A refreshment stand served drinks and snacks for a donation. The team behind Live Transmission did a great job at showing off the hall's potential for art events, musical performances, weddings, community gatherings, workshops, seminars or any other group gathering you can think of. The possibilities are truly endless.

Contact Iris De Anda for further information on Mazatlan Hall and the services they provide at 323.791.2537 or email: Become friends on their Facebook page: Mazatlan Hall.

"Like" Live Transmission on Facebook to stay updated on local performances and new songs .

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